According to the Law No. 32 of 2004 on Local Government, the House of Representatives (DPRD) is a local governmental agency that carries out function as a local government partner. Its function may be reflected in supervising the running of the government. All the members of the House of Representatives (DPRD) should strive to enhance its role as a representative of the people who are active in supervising the government in their respective regions with all the best. The instrument can be used for that is all the legislation in force and budget plans that have been defined and agreed. However, there are indications that the supervision function of the House of Representatives (DPRD) is not yet optimal.

The House of Representatives (DPRD) in carrying its supervision function needs to gather support information as much as possible from the public. Therefore, the members of DPRD should be diligent in collecting information from the public. Information can be gathered from the community by variety of ways by utilizing information technology, mass media, and crawl the information directly to the source through regular visits and unannounced visits to the community. Basic things that need to be addressed in order to optimize the DPRD supervision function among others are (1) formulate limits the scope of work and priorities of supervision, (2) formulate an accountability standard of supervision, (3) formulate a clear standard or measurement which can determine the success, failure, or deviation of a public policy from a predetermined RKPD, and (4) formulate recommendations and follow-up of the supervision.

Keywords: The Functions of the House of Representatives, Supervision,

Optimalization, and Local Autonomy.

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